Sad Love Story : One Last Text Message

Sad Love Story: One Last Text Message

Hello guys, I am presenting among you a sad love story which is based on true real life.

If you read this sad love story , you will defiantly like it. This story is based on the Last Text Message of his Girlfriend.

Let's start Sad Love Story ...

There was a girl and there was a boy. The boy had always watched the girl from far.

The girl had many friends but wasn't too popular. The boy she loved was popular.

The boy had caught her staring at him from afar but she always looked away and that's when the boy saw her gorgeous face.

He knew the girl wasn't popular but he knew he was in love ...

He decided to text the girl since nobody would know for fear his other popular friends wouldn't approve.

The girl was surprised to get a text from him but after that first text message, they texted each other non-stop for at least a month or two.

Their love for each other grew. It's been a while since they first texted each other but the girl wondered why they never talked in school.

She decided to say hi at his locker were 1 or 2 of his friends were. 

But he had given her a stranger's face and so had his friends. She was very confused 

"Umm hi ... Do I know you?" He said. She gave him a hurt face and walked away with tears. She knew he was embarrassed by her.

After school had ended, she got a text from him. 

Boy: Hey, what's up?

Girl: she stared at the text with tears. What's wrong with you?

Boy: What? Did I do something?

Girl: Tell me you don't know what you did!

Boy: I am sorry, but What did I do?

Girl: What do you do at school today!

Boy: I don't know what you are talking about. Whatever 'The boy knew what he did. Just didn't want to admit it '

The next day at school, he came to her locker. He looked away and back at her.

Girl: Looking to see if anyone popular would see you talking to a loser like me?

Boy: No no! It's just that.

Girl: Just what? You are embarrassed by me and I know it, look if you don't want to talk to me it's fine because I did with you.

She slammed her locker shut and walked away and left the boy with tears.

Later that day, her phone rang... It was from him.

Girl: what do you want?

Boy: I'm sorry, I didn't mean to hurt you. I know what I did was wrong and I ma really stupid for doing that because you are the most amazing and beautiful girl I know. Do you forgive me?

There was a long pause ...

Girl: Ok, I forgive you 

Boy: Thank you. This will never happen again.

Girl: Good.

Everything was good for the next couple of weeks. They walked with each other in the hallways, talked for hou6 on the phone, went by each other locker. They loved each other more than ever.

One day they were texting each other.

Boy: Hi

Girl: Hey

Boy: what's up?

Girl: Just came back from a softball game.

Boy: Ok, what are you doing over the weekend?

Girl: Going to a party and sleepover with friends ..

Boy: Going to seaside heights.

Girl: Lucky, it's going to be really hot over the weekend so that good...

Boy: Don't talk to me.

Girl: What? Why?

Boy: Just don't be

Girl: Hey, you were the one that stared at the conversation, you idiot! So you don't have to talk to me! So BYE ...

Boy: You are ugly and annoying and weird ... Nobody likes you including me. So just sto6 talking to me you stupid LOSER.

"The girl started sobbing"

Later that day, a news report came on. The boy was watching it and it showed a house that was on fire.

Reporter: This accident was so tragic. It happened at 8:45 tonight, It took the life of a 16-year-old girl that was home alone and the heart-crushing part of this is that the girl's phone was recovered from the fire and last text message was sent 'The only reason I am is that I love you, but I know I just a loser to you. I am stupid for liking a guy as great as you. You are and will always be way too good for me. I guess popularity just got the best of me. "

He turned the TV off and ran to his phone praying that the girl from the News Report wasn't the same one he had in mind.

So if you love someone, just say and don't let her go because life is one time. So value it.

I hope you read the real-life sad love story . I hope you like it. If you want to say anything about the sad love story, please comment below.

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