Sad Love Story (2021) : The Boy Trusted his Girlfriend Too Much

Hello guys, you are warmly welcome to my website. Today I am going to share a sad love story that touches your heart defiantly. 

It is a sad love story of a boy who loved his girlfriend too much. I really like this sad love story too much. So I have shared with you. 

Let's start the sad love story ...

One day that boy went to the airport to pick up his friend. Luckily, on the same day, the girl went to the airport to pick up her friends too.

The girl smiled at him even though they never met before. That boy was happy, and he smiled back at her ...

Later on that night, the boy found her on Facebook. He was surprised because they were already friends.

He chatted to her.

Boy: hi there?

Girl: Hi who are you?

Boy: Remember me? I met you at the airport today.

Girl: Hmm let me think ... Are you that skinny guy?

Boy: haha ​​yeah, and you are that beautiful girl who smiled at me.

The girl was shy

Later on, he got her phone number. They talked with each other every night, whenever they are free. They were very happy.

They still kept in touch and they were just friends. But, what makes them special is that both of them have the same feeling. It was a love feeling. Which they both hid deeply inside their hearts.

One day, she was unhappy. That boy asked her for a walk. They went to see the sunrise in the morning. 

That boy held her hand. He looked at that girl's eyes. He smiled and said I will always stay beside you, whenever you are unhappy.

That girl holds his hand tight and said thanks for always staying beside me when no one was. The boy said that is my duty because you are the person I love.

"There was no answer from the girl. So their relationship was still friends".

5 months later, after having many memories, that boy always thinks of her and looks after her. He was very happy to stay with her. 

Even if he doesn't know that she has feelings for him or not.

One day, she showed her feeling and finally accepted him.

Their love has begun. Their love continued a year ...

They had made so many memories

One day, something happened that the girl was forced to get married to other guys who she doesn't love but she refused. 

She said she is not going to marry anyone except him. They still managed to get through those problems. And they loved each other so much.

It's not the end yet! What's going to happen next? 

After a year, the boy is going to study abroad. they struggled in love again. But at least, they had a short time together before his departure.

Earlier in the morning, he bought the last breakfast for her. And they worried because it will be the last day for them. Then he gave her a letter ...

(Thanks for everything that you did for me, I will come back to see you)

We must keep our love alive. He kissed her forehead and left.

For the first 2 months, she was a great lover. She was so crying for him. She called him every time after he finished class.

Those sweet memories made their love continue ...

2 months later, Everything started to change day by day. She turned into a different person and all those caring and everything has started to fade away.

She didn't love him like before. She seemed to become a careless person and the boy was crying almost every day.

Whenever he talks with her, he always reminds her about the past. But, everything was already gone. 

And he still has many words to tell her but he couldn't find time to tell.

One day, one of his friends came and told him that your girlfriend had been in love with someone else. He didn't believe it at all. 

So, he asked her to explain

Boy: Are you in love with another guy?

Girl: Hmm I do, I just have feelings for him.

Suddenly, his tear started to drop. But she promised him not to get involved with that guys again.

He was upset but he couldn't do anything about it because he miles away from her.

So, he trusted her once again.

A few weeks later, his friend told him once again that your girlfriend and that guy are in love now ... Both of them are closely attached. Most people saw them hanging out together.

He was in pain but, what made him more painful was that he saw a picture of his girlfriend hugging with that guy at the beach.

His heart was broken into pieces.

Later on, in the early morning, he saw her text that she told

him that she dreamed about that guy, and she doesn't want to lie to him anymore.

Then he asked her that you guys are still in touch.

Girl: yes, both of you guys are important to me. You are a great guy. You have me lots of love and care but he is a good guy, he always cares about me when I am down. And what he did was only to make me happy when you are not around. That's what she told that boy ...

Everything she told him before was lying. What he never thought of is. Now he had to face it.

And now he knew how much she loves that guy.

She seemed to forget all of the memories that they have made together for almost 2 years.

So, what he had to do is that he decided to walk away carrying both pain and sorrow hidden in his heart. Because love cannot continue with 3 people being involved.

Even though it is hard for him to do that he must do it because he doesn't want to break them apart. And he believed that he would be happy to have a warm love rather than long-distance love.

Finally, he just walked out in a sad mood.

I hope you understand the modern sad love story which is a very interesting story. If you have any inquiry please comment below.

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