Breakup Love Story of Cheater Girlfriend

Breakup Love Story of Cheater Girlfriend

Hello, guys welcome to the latest breakup love story. Today I am going to share a heart touching breakup love story of a cheater girlfriend. 

Please read the sad love story carefully then only you understand the fact of this story.

Let's begin the breakup love story...

Once upon a time, there was 20 years of the boy. He worked in a village. There was only one rich person who had work for money and supports them to earn money. I mean like a bodyguard.

When rich people's family had any problem, he easily solved them. So everyone liked him in that family.

He was very loyal to that family. He helped every person in that family. And he got money from that family to survive.

After a year, the head of that rich family daughter came to her own home. 

"I mean she was studying in the city and she completed her studies and after some years she returned to her own home."

She met everyone in her house and the family was so happy, excited, and celebrated. 

The next day the boy (bodyguard) came to a rich family for work. That girl saw him casually.

Again at the evening time, he was working in her home and she noticed and think that "he is so handsome and style body". He was looking like a hero. He has a good personality.

She liked him too much .. when he was working in her home, she started to impress him and finally she proposed to him and he accepted that love.

Their love was continued for 1 year. 

Finally, the bad day arrived. When they were loving each other, her family member saw them. 

Everyone knew that they are loving each other. And her family got out of him from his work forever. 

He loved her too much. Even he couldn't sleep at night. He was only thinking of her. 

One day, he knew that her engagement had been done and she would marry very soon.

He became along and sad living started like a Devdas. He started to drink alcohol too much because he remembered at any time.

After someday, he started to find her to succeed in his love... 

Finally, they met after a day. He was loving her too much but she refused his love and wanted to marry rich people.

She didn't want to marry him because she was only making time pass with him. 

After someday, she married rich people and that boy became mad in her love. 

He just wanted her but she wasn't. He became along and he started living life with sorrow. 

His friends were also disappointed because he was in depression. He didn't want to talk to anyone...

His hair and beard became long and finally, he wanted to forget her.

After someday, he wants revenge on her. He just entered her room and talked many times but she refused.

Then after he took the gun and killed her and he went to COMA ...

In this way, the breakup love story ended. I hope you read the breakup love story and liked this story too much ... 

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