Breakup Love Story of A Boy - Love Story Hindi

Breakup Love Story of A Boy - Love Story Hindi

Hello guys, welcome back to my website. Today I am going to share a breakup love story. This is a real-life breakup love story ever you read.

In this breakup love story, how the boy got hurt by his girlfriend, how he got breakup. Please read this story carefully.

Let's start the breakup love story

A boy who was studying in class 8th and he was fell in love with a cute girl. He always helped her in a study. 

One day the class was started, she was not done homework of math. He found that she had not done her homework. Then sir asked every student that everyone had done homework then she confused as to what to say, sir. Then he just gave his homework to her and said to sir I had not done homework. He got punishment and saved her by punishment.

She found that he loved her too much. Then she asked why you got scolded by sir. I deserved to be scolded by sir. 

She also liked him. The time came to proposed her in Saraswati puja, he proposed her in the classroom and she also accepted his love. They were in deep love. 

In 10th class running, her family found her loved with that boy. Her family was not accepted because he was studying. Her family married her to the job holder person. That boy was crying from his heart and he loved her too much. 

After, 3 years that boy met her having a 1-year baby in a market. He was so sad and she said how are you. He said I'm still loving you. But she refused his love. And she moves forward. 

In this way, the breakup love story end, and that boy is still loved her too much by what can he do she is married. Now he is spending a single life

I hope you understand the breakup love story of that boy . If you have any feelings about this breakup love story. Please comment below.

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