True story about teenage pregnancy: I got pregnant at 15

True story about teenage pregnancy I got pregnant at 15

Hello guys, today I am going to share a true love story about teenage pregnancy. This is the real story that makes you emotional. This is the heart touching love story.

This is the inspiring story that true love story about teenage pregnancy that she got pregnant at the age of 15. No one is accepting her. Please read the full article and then you will get a  true love story about teenage pregnancy. 

This is the story of one girl who had got pregnant at the age of 15 and her parents kicked her out of her home.

At school, I fall in love with one guy. He was smart and his parents were very rich. He promised me that the whole world is ours. He promised that our love would last forever.

My family was great. We were so close to each other. My parents were very proud of me. I was very popular at school, I had so many friends and we always had fun!

And then I found out that I'm pregnant. That time I was 15 years old. When I told this to my boyfriend he said that he needs some time to figure it out.

And then he just disappeared. He didn't answer my calls. On the street, his parents were pretending like they don't know me.

My parents gave up on me, saying I'm an embarrassment. After that, they just kicked me out of the house. I was pregnant and alone on the street.

When I asked for some help, I found out that I didn't actually have friends. I started to work as a cleaning lady at the bar and settled in a poor room in the dorm.

Soon because of my big belly I couldn't work. That's why I lost my job and had no money to pay for rent. That's how I got on the street. Pregnant, scared, and with no penny for living. At night on the street, I was freezing in alleys.

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Once I was lucky, one social worker found me on the street. He helped me find a new place and gave money for labor.

Now I have my own business. I blew up my life for my baby. So, he won't ever get on the street.

Recently my parents appeared, they wanted to talk with me. Father sad that they overreacted about my pregnancy. My child's father also called me lately. He said that he made a big mistake and now he wants to fix everything.

I forgive them. But I won't make them a part of my life.

The main objective of this story is "Don't give a second chance for people, who didn't give you the first one. ''

I hope you read the full true story about teenage pregnancy: I got pregnant at 15. This is the inspiring and heart touching Love story. If you like this Love story and brave of the girl please comment below.

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