Sad Love Story - My Husband Made Me Ugly

Sad Love Story - My Husband Made Me Ugly

Sad Love Story - My Husband Made Me Ugly

Hello, guys today I am going to share a sad love story of a husband and a wife which is a very important love story you have ever read.

Every day, my husband compared me to another woman. His friend's wife is a stunner. I am nothing like her.

First, he just compared us. And then he left me for her. I just used to look different. I started to recall how I lost my beauty.

I had a child and raised her without a nanny pregnancy and nursing took its toll on my figure. The house, kitchen, and garden were totally on me. Rick never helped out. When he was ill, I stayed up for nights on end looking after him.

Years of living with Rick stole my beauty. I was desperate to get it back. I went to the gym and beauticians. I spend a fortune but I didn't get any prettier.

After all, I'd been through, I deserved a reward. And it wasn't long in coming. I met Steve.

It was his wife who Rick hooked up with. Turned out, he was in love with me all alone. Will you marry me? He proposed to me.

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Now I'm basking in love. With the right mam, I blossomed and my beaut6 returned. We found happiness thanks to our exes.

Speaking of .. she is gorgeous but completely shallow. Her lover said. You're so different now! I wanna get back with you.

She said I already have a husband. And I'm finally truly happy. I don't see Rick's face, but he sure got what he deserved. A woman '

I hope you enjoy the most powerful sad love story which I have shared with you. This is the story of a woman. If you have any inquiry or how you feel about this story. Please comment below 

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