A Sad Love Story of His Wife

A Sad Love Story of His Wife

 I realized how important my wife was to me but it was too late to fixed anything- a sad story

He realized what he'd lost but it was too late. He stopped loving his wife a while ago. Because Her body turned him off, he was disgusted by her.

She knew he had a lover. But she couldn't leave because she loved him too much. She forgave him for everything like his annoyance, aggression, and ugly scenes.

Her husband always scolded by saying FAT FOOl !. But actually, she was sick and the doctor said you had cancer. And surgery is not an option You've got a few months left.

But she didn't tell her husband, she didn't need his pity. Her husband was dreaming only about his lover.

Once, after getting home he started looking for the documents to start the divorce. Among the papers, he found the doctor's report. He couldn't believe it. Why? Why didn't she tell me? Why did she keep it secret? Her husband started to cry ... He recalled their wedding, his wife was so beautiful! He realized he still loved her. 

You know one thing her husband had a lover and she said that we have to break up. This is our last meeting. The last days were the hardest. He could see the life leave her. His wife passed away in two months. And he covered the road to the cemetery with the flowers in her memory.
At last, I want to say that Time never comes so don't make your love unprecious. Do the value of your love. I hope you get this sad love story. If you really like this touching sad love story. Please do comment below how you feel about love.

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