A Sad Love Story [2020] - My husband enjoys his lover in front of our

A Sad Love Story [2020]

My husband enjoys his lover in front of our daughter.

Hi, guys, I am going to tell you a  sad love story of her husband cheated on her. So please read from beginning to end. Then you were able to underrate. Let's start

My love for my husband ruined our marriage. I live for Jack. I wanted to be a perfect wife and look like a model.

I was scared he'd leave me otherwise. But our relationship got worse each year. He stopped noticing me and very soon cheated on me.

The wife said that How could you do this to me? And the husband replied that If you are not okay with it, I will just leave you.

That shut me up. I thought a baby would bring our love back. But it didn't help. The wife said to her husband that you pay no attention to our daughter! I can't do this on my own.

The husband said I could leave you both. So keep your mouth shut up! I put up with it. Where was I gonna go with a baby in my arm wife said? I wanted my baby to have a complete family. Jack knew he could get away with anything.

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One day, he brought a lover to our house. While I was walking out with our daughter. I ran out of patience. You're a terrible father and husband. I am leaving you! I am sorry the husband said.

Things will go back to normal and they used to be as usual! I love you! Of course, I forgave him. My mom didn't support me. He'll betray you again. He is just using you, her mom said.

Things were great for a few weeks. Jack became very thoughtful. I believe he had truly changed. Before I walked in one him with his lover again in our bed.

This time I left for good. Jack begged me to stay again. Your words aren't worth a penny and you don't deserve me.

It was hard to raise my daughter alone. But at least nobody humiliated me anymore. The one thing you have is self-respect. Don't let others destroy it.

I hope you understand the sad love story that her husband cheated on her and she knew but she couldn't do anything. If you have any questions related to this sad love sorry, please do comment below.

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