Sad Love Story That Makes You Cry

Sad Love Story That Makes You Cry

Sad Love Story:

Today I am going to share a sad love story. This story makes you cry. So please read from beginning to end.

Phone rings. Boy answers Hello
Boy: Hello Babe Are you ok?
Girl: Yes of course 'Crying noises heard'

Boy: Why are you crying?
Girl: Don't matter

Boy: Yes it matters. I want to know why my baby is crying ...
Girl: Do you love me?

Boy: Of course I do!
Girl: Would you do anything for me?

Boy: Yes now Why are you crying?
Girl: Would you die for me?

Boy: Yes I love you very much, babe ... Now please tell me what's wrong with you?
( Crying noises heard and Everything is silent)
Girl: I don't think that we should be live together anymore.

Boy: Please don't do this to me babe I love u too much. I don't want our relationship to die.
Girl: Neither do I but...

Boy: But what babe? What have I done wrong?
Girl: It's not you. it's me.

Boy: It must have been me! ( The boy slams down the phone!)

Next day...

Boy: Where's my girlfriend at?
Friend: I don't know her mom phoned in and said she won't be in for a few weeks

Later on that day...

Boy: I am going home to call her.
Friend: That is not a very good idea.

Boy: Why not?
Friend: Umm I don't know. ( Friend feels nervous)

He goes home and Dials her number. Phone rings...

Girl: Hello...
Boy: Why weren't you in school today?

Girl: Had a doctor's appointment?
Boy: Are you going to be in tomorrow? ( Girl is crying noises heard again) Why are you crying again, the boy said.

Girl: I am sorry. It's just that...
Boy: Just what babe?

Girl: Sorry I have to go babe bye.
Boy: Hello! Hello! Phone ended.

The next day...

Boy: I called my girlfriend last night and she said she would be in today! Have you seen her?
Friend: Sorry no she is probably at the doctor again.

Boy: How did you know she was at the doctor yesterday?
Friend: Sorry I got to go bye! ( He is sitting really nervous for some reason.)

Later on...

Phone rings... The girl said to the boy.

Girl: There's something I need to tell you.
Boy: What?

Girl: I am suffering from Blood Cancer. So Please forgot me and stay happy

Boy's eye fills with tears and started to cry very loudly... He went to her house and he found that she died 😭 . The boy went to depression and always cry for her.

After a month, he also died ...

I hope you enjoy the most powerful sad love story that makes you cry. Please comment below about this story.

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