Modern Love Story - Sad Love Story 2020

Modern Love Story -  Sad Love Story 2020

Hello, guys My self Krishna Chuarasiya. Today I want to share Modern Love Stories.  So Please read this story until last. Let's start the Story.

The young beautiful girl had such a happy life, she got everything she wanted, she had amazing family and friends that loved her

She was not a bully or a bad girl, she was sweet and nice, that's why everyone loved her because she cares so much for others.

Then one day as she was in class trying her best, a note was passed to her...

Will you go out with Me? 
⬜Box Yes
⬜Box No

She was totally confused and she had no idea who sent a letter.  So without thinking or hesitation, she ticked the No Box and she left the note on her table and she started to walk out of the classroom.

At lunch, as she was sitting with her friends...

A boy walked up to her... He wasn't the cutest boy never ever seen but he had such an innocent look on his face as he became closer to her...

Boy: Umm.. hello
Girl: Hi, Are you ok? You look pale.

Boy: Yes... I'm fine... thanks but I won't just need to tell you something.
Girl: Yes tell me what? :)

Boy: I was the one who gave you that Note...
The girl's mouth dropped open.
Girl: Have you still got the note?

Boy: Yes?
Girl: Pass it to me, please.

The boy pulls out the note from his pocket and gives it to her.

The girl grabbed out a pencil, scribbled out the tick from No boxe, and ticked the Yes box instead, and then she gave the letter to the boy.

Girl: Here you go :) read it.

He unfolded it and noticed she ticked the Yes box instead. A huge smile grew on his face :D

He sat down next to her and stared at her for so long.

 And the girl didn't know that the boy had been following her for months and he wanted to talk with her so many times but he didn't have the courage too, until today".

They were happily in love with each other, every day they would sit together, eat together, walk home together and every day the boy would tell her how much he loved her. The girl would do the same.

Then one day as they met each other, the girl looked upset.

Boy: Is everything ok babes? X<3
Girl: I need to tell you something, something important :(

Boy: Ok I am listening to you baby, tell me everything <3 x
Girl: I am moving :(

Boy: That's not so bad? Where are you moving to?
Girl: America...:'(

Boy: OMG babes, if you move I'll never be able to see you again, please don't move, I love you so much, without you I'm nothing :'(</3
Girl: I love you too but I cannot stay here, my mother and father have already bought a house in America, and someone has bought outhouse, I'm flying to America tomorrow :'(</3

Both of them had tears running down there face, they held each other for so long, they wouldn't let each other go.

Girl: I will keep in touch with you every day, I will text you, email you, I'll do everything to stay with you.
Boy: Ok, but for now let's spend together the last moments with each other while we can.  x<3

They stayed with each other all night until she had to go home, ready to pack for the journey tomorrow.

They kissed for the very last time, they hugged for the very last time.

Boy: I Love You <3
Girl: I Love You Too <3

The girl then flew to America and lived there, but as she promised, she still kept in touch with him, and they were still happily in love.

Then one day as they were talking over the computer...

Boy: I really miss you. Your friends miss you. It's quiet at school without you. :(
Girl: I miss you and my friends too, but I need to tell you something.

Boy: Yes?
Girl: Being with you is Killing me, missing you is hurting me too much, I think we need to end this.

Boy: what are you trying to say?! x
Girl: I am breaking up with you, I cannot keep a long-distance relationship, I am sorry.

Boy: You have been fine having a long-distance relationship for the past 3 months? Why have you suddenly changed your mind!?
Girl: I just have. ok? I am sorry...

Boy: There is somebody else, isn't there?
Girl: No.

Boy: There is. You're breaking up with me because somebody has asked you out or you like somebody else.
Girl: ...ok... Yes it's true, and I have said yes to them, but he really likes me, and I like him, I'm sorry, but this long-distance relationship is far too hard for me, I am so sorry.

Boy: Thanks ...
Girl: Thanks for what?

Boy: Thanks for breaking my heart.

The boy went offline, and played on his bed, crying for hours, after the breakup he didn't care about anything or anyone anymore, his grades at school were going down, he made himself badly ill by not eating, his life became a total mess.

The girl is still Happy in America but the boy is left with a broken heart. The boy tried suicide, but his parents stopped him, the boy just cried for the rest of his lonely life.

I hope you enjoy this Modern Love Story. Please comment below, How you feel this story. Comment Fast.

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