A Girl Ruined My Life - True Sad Love Stories

A Girl Ruined My Life -  True Sad Love Stories

Hello friends, I am Abhay and today I am going to tell you about my love story. My love story was very exciting but it made me very sad.

I fell in love with a naive girl who was just naïve in appearance but was still two steps ahead of me. I do not want to bring his name to the world because even though she has never fallen in love with me, my love was true.

I still love her with my heart and my life. I met her like this. I found her standing on the bus stand. That day she was waiting for the bus. Her bus missed by mistake and I gave him a lift that day.

We talked a lot and we became friends. Our friendship slowly fell in love and then we made a lot of memories. We slowly started dreaming about our future. But those dreams were just a dream.

Then a few months later I came to know that she has retained three other boyfriends along with me.  She has had the same promises and the same dreams. When I came to know about this, I could not handle my emotions.

That day I cried out foot and foot. What I did not do for her. I gifted her a Bangla and I got his papers registered in her name. But she did not know my value. she never pleaded with me, I just kept cheating and cheating on deception.

I also came to know that she was also in front of my eyes with my bastard friend Ashish and together they made me crazy.

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I will not leave that blessing. It is said that when there is a change of sorrow, no one supports it. There is neither one nor any other alien.

Something similar happened to me. The man lied a lot to his father to make him happy. I spent a lot of money lying to my father.

And now when the people of my house came to know the truth, they also made me feel like coming inside the house. Now, I have loose my own house and family.

After I got out of the house, I called a friend but my friend did not pick up my phone despite putting it several times. I have no one. Nobody supported.

Then I went to the gurudwara and ate the anchor there and spent 3-4 nights there. After that, I set out in search of a job. I got a job in a small company and got money to feed. But my family, all my own people got away from me because of just one girl.

Today I am very lonely and I need a friend who can understand my grief. In my life, there is nothing but tears.

I wish I had found my love again, I would have been able to live my life like a common man. If you too have such a painful story then please share with me. A girl ruined my life …………

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