True Love Stories In Real Life - Romantic Love Story

True Love Stories In Real Life - Romantic Love Story

True Love Stories In Real Life - Romantic Love Story

She was 19 and he wan 21. They were crazy I love
Girl: I love you.
Boy: You are the love of my life!

They 've been very close to early childhood. And couldn't imagine their lives without one another.

At some point, their friendship's grown into bigger things. And they couldn't resist or control their feelings.

Ever since they've been always together. And every day seemed like a fairy tale.

Their connection was absolutely special. It was more than love, they were destined to be together.

And when the special night came... The first night for every couple in love ...

He got up from the bed. She could see that he was con9 with something.

Girl: What's wrong my love?
Boy: I don't know how to tell you... You see... I don't want to be dating you anymore. I don't want you to be my girlfriend anymore, I would like you to be my wife!  I love you!

She couldn't hold the tears in her eyes. It was so emotional!

The girl said Yes My Jaan!!

Finally, it happened- He slid the ring on her finger. Everything they've dreamed about became true.

5 years went by Married, they've grown older and wiser but they still loved each other so hard.

But then the day came true when she had to confess the truth.

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The girl said, " I want to tell you something which is really necessary". She gathered her courage and said that there is someone else in my life and I love that person with all my heart and I never lose him.

Boy: Who is that person...?
Girl: It is our BABY- I'm pregnant!

Boy: You scared me! I feared you were leaving me. Come here! I am so happy!

For those ones who love purely with their whole heart, the date will always.

Be bringing most unexpectedly pleasant surprises.

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