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A Husband did this for his ill Wife - Unknown Facts

 A Husband did this for his ill wife 

Let me tell you a story

Life is short, and if we enjoy every moment of every day, then we will be happy no matter what happens.

Once in a City, lived a man who was married to a  very beautiful girl.
Everyone in the city would compliment him for his wife's beauty.

Seeing this, he felt proud and happy. Both started to live a happy married life.

After some years, his wife got infected with a rare skin disease.

They consulted every doctor but no one was able to treat her disease.

When his wife realized, she will lose her beauty to this disease, she became scared that she will lose the love of her husband and wouldn't look beautiful anymore.

Her husband tried to cheer her up every day, but she remained sad and avoided being around her husband.

But one day, her husband went out of town for some work...

On this way home, he had an accident.

In that accident, he lost his eyesight.

The wife felt very bad but with time they both learned to live a normal life.

She stopped avoiding her husband and would stay by his side and help him with his daily routine and work.

The year passed and the wife's beauty faded away.

She couldn't bear to see herself in the mirror anymore but she would still stay with her husband without thinking about her condition.

One day, the wife died...

Guess what happened next and let us know in the comment section...

The husband was all alone.

He had loved his wife so much and did not want to live in the home they had shared anymore.

So after completing his responsibilities and conducting her funeral, he prepared to leave the city.

Just before leaving, a neighbor came to him and said, Will you be able to live alone?

For all these years your wife stayed by your side but now you are all alone. Will you be able to move around without anyone's help?

The husband replied, " My friend, I am not blind. I just pretended to be blind because if my wife knew that I could see her at her worst time then her feelings would have been more hurt.
She was already in so much pain and I didn't want to see her in any more pain. That's why I pretended to be blind for so many years. She was a very good wife and I just wanted her to be happy."

Moral of this story 

"Relationships are not only about looks but the love and care two people have for each other."

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