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Heart Touching Love Story

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A Short Heart Touching Love Story

There was a Boy and a Girl. They have been the greatest friends for years and years. They may talk for hours on the phone and textual content each other for days.

When they have been together, not a single sad thought may cross their minds. 

The whole lot was great, but one day,

The Boy didn't answer any call or reply to any text for a day,

The Girl was fearful that one thing was wrong..:(

At night time she couldn’t sleep. She was sitting in her room crying and it was then that She realized how a lot he means to her..?

The subsequent morning, She woke up with a phone name.., It was the Boy..:)

Boy: Hey...
Girl: I'm so glad that you just called me. What occurred to you yesterday ??

Boy: I used to be busy.
[ The GIRL Understood that;
Something was wrong however couldn't ask]

Boy: You know..., We ought to stop speaking..!
Girl: What??.., But Why ??

Boy: I'm Sorry, Bye..!
[He disconnected the decision, and she felt as if somebody
had Slammed the door on her face]

Everything else flashed in her mind, tears coming
Cars working by her...
The roof of some constructing and sunset.

She could not perceive something.

She began feeling lonely, dejected, and broken.

That was the reply to the whole lot! His phrases have been pouncing on her.
Her heart wished to leap out!
He was the One..! “Why..??”
She screamed at the top of her voice.

Then she made up her mind to make a final try to get him back.
[She called Him Up]

Girl: Hello
Boy: Why are you calling me?

Girl: I have to let you know something...
Boy: Go ahead.

Girl: I just wanted you to know one factor earlier than we stopped speaking!
Boy: Tell me..!

Girl: Are you all proper?

[She broke off]

She tried however possibly he would not actually care about her.

She thought! She wasn't his good friend in the first place.

Tears have been slowly working worst :(

She left the house with a note.

[5 hours later]

The phone rang within the boy’s room.
It was the Girl’s Mum.

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The lady was mendacity within the hospital. She got hit by a Car, :(

The Boy rushed to the Hospital the place She was.

She opened her eyes with the Boy’s identity.

He took her hand.

Boy: I'm so sorry its all my fault..! But;
I promise when you get well I’ll make it as much as You..:(

Girl: I will not get better...
Boy: No..! No, Don’t say that.:(

Girl: Simply inform me of one factor Why did you do it?

The boy advised her that He had a Heart drawback and he didn't need her to be fearful and there was a threat that he may have died..!

Boy: I did that due to I…..I…..I Love you...

Girl: I LOVE YOU TOO... and after that, her coronary heart stopped beating…:O

She died..! :(

The Boy died 10 minutes later from a Heart Attack..:(

He couldn't dwell with the thought that; She died because of him.. :(

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